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About Us

About Us

Sh.S.K.Bansal, born on 30th October,1945, is the most loved and respected person of Group B fraternity. He is credited with 43 years 5 months and 8 days' Government service of in Indian Railways having started with a very modest beginning as Apprentice train Examiner on 24th May 1962 on Northern Railway and retiring as SAG Officer. He made unforgettable contribution for betterment for the cadre wherever he worked through out his career, be it Apprentice train Examiners' Association or IRPOF viz, one time exception in induction in Group A (463a posts), fixation of pay on promotion to Senior Scale adhoc, enhanced vacancies for DPCs, providing zonal status to RDSO, incentive for higher studies, streamlining of promotion systems and DPCs, stagnation ratio in DPC calculations, newspaper allowance, enhancement of PREM facilities, regular formal meeting of the Federation and Northern Railway, grant of grade Rs.2375-3750 and then 7500-12000, enhancement of quota , rationalization of vacancy calculation, change of designation, office accommodation to Federation/Association and finally grant of 80:20 to all and enhancement in yearly vacancies in DPCs, to quote a few.

He believes that the data plays an important role in creating policies and drawing conclusions and developed it in to an unique habit of compiling data/statistics of all officers-be it the career progression, cadre, stagnation of Group B, DPCs held, seniority list of all Departments etc. The data collected by him is based on his thorough research and analysis with sound logic and substance for the benefit of not only for Group 'B' officers, but also for Group' A'.

Spreading knowledge is the key word in his dictionary. He has authored many books for the benefit of Group B officers like "Step to struggle " "Historical Injustice". "Everything on Cadre" "DPC Rules" "Pension Rules" "Genteel Genocide of Group 'B' officer" and "Seniority Lists" (of all departments) apart from detailed notes/presentations on every subject concerning the Group 'B' gazetted officers as a whole. The books speak their value when one reads them. He has been a regular contributor of articles in PROP. It is important to point out that his services in this respect are recognized by one and all. Having realized his importance IRSME Association has provided him space in their site ( as 'Bansal's Corner' wherein he is discussing all aspects of recruitments, promotions, career planning for gazetted officers.

Despite superannuation on 31.10.2005, his tireless, selfless and egoless journey goes on for his concerns, spirit to fight injustice to Group 'B' officers at every step for their dignity and career progression. This website is the effort of a dedicated group of officers of Railways under his noble leadership and guidance for the dissemination of information through his books, statistics and presentation to make the group B officers aware about their career progression related problem and finding solutions.

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