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Impact of lesser vacancies on Gp. B prospects


Promotional Prospects of Gp. B Officers


Letter on the prevailing situations of IRPOF in 2003


Letter to Sh. Bandhopadhyay year 2001


Letter written to all office bearers on ECM dated 23-24 feb 2004


Letter to member staff dated-3-4-2014


Letter to Sh. Suresh Tripathi, Editor- Rail Samachar


Anomalies pertaining to recruitment & fixation of seniority in Group A


Reply Affidavit filed on behalf of Respondent No. 1 and 2 In the central administrative tribunal principal bench, Oa no.45 of 2015


An appeal â€" to save the future of gp.B/promotee officers

AN APPEAL – TO SAVE the FUTURE OF GP.B/PROMOTEE OFFICERS My dear RAMAN, I am not able to restrain myself to state some very unpleasant aspects for which I am compelled , because the very existence of Promotee officers is at stake and therefore I cannot stop myself. Dear, you will perhaps confirm that few months back I told you and many others, about a very derogatory mail on Facebook saying some very unwarranted things about Gp.B, and arousing the sentiments of younger DRs against Gp.B.and ashking them to file court cases. In fact when we went deep We found that was going on –creating hatred- since long, on facebook and else where. Ther were many letters/complaints by many young officers, and even by officerbearers of FROA. Number of RTIs and memorandums were there on the subject. I came to know some activities and was advised by our well wisher to be cautious.In fact we were warned that if will not be active, we may be at great loss. Some assistance was also sought regarding details. I promised that I will convey the feelings to right persons in IRPOF and they will be regular touch with them. I therefore I conveyed all this to you in person, and few other persons.In few words, I expressed my apprehention on Email too. I am sorry to say, no concern was showen by any one, and no action was taken at all. What to say, anything else,the issue was not given any importance even during the two ECMs held in between at BBS and Hubli except informing in few words that few court cases have been filed at SCR and LKO.and that the respective Associations have been asked to take care of the same. It is only last month we have constituted the leagal committee, not incluing the representatives of centres where court cases are there.The committee started with no paper no information, CO COPY OF PETITION WITH THEM.Irony of the things is that even today- we don’t know howmany cases are there who are the petitioners and what is therein. Nobody has talked to Railway authorities about the action taken what to say of extending assistance to them. I was also not given the feedback about the action taken on my information given to IRPOF. I , however, did my best , by refuting the onslout on the Gp. B officers by writing many letter to everyone about the rumours being spread and the sentiments being aroused of cadre by telling them the truth.Sorry to say not a single office bearer responded. Rather Few questioned me, even and cricised me as if I am giving them the information. They forget that information collecting was started by them much earlier and if wrong informations were given in their mails it was only to arous the feelings of youngers only and not due to lack of information. That is proved by the number of memorandas and applications received by Bd,. Much earlier. I am surprised to see that today we don’t know today how many are the cases, WHO HAS FILED, WHERE AND WHAT IS THE CONTENT. If Bd has already submitted their counter replies in Oct.Nov, why we still wandering in the woods. While the DRs have already collected more than 40 lacs, we are just taken a decision- that also not specific – only last month and constituted the committee for the first time. The court cases canot be fought like this. On the date of LKO case, the IRPOF not knowing what happened by evening does not speak well about our preparedness. We were arranging emergency meeting even for minor issues- even deciding enhancement of subscription – but no specific meeting or emergency meeting for such a important issue’ Dear RAMAN , please do something immediately as the issue is very important and the fate or rather the very existence of gp. B officers is at stake. For all this true criticism you may abuse me, insult me , crisise me for unwarranted interference and you may ask me who are you to tell all such cricism of you and your organization , I am ready to face all this, but please do something immediately. In the end , I beg to be excused, if I have hurt you and anybody by this open criticism, but I cannot restrain myself, whenever the welfare of Gp. B is in consideration and ready to face any criticism/insult for the same. S.K. Bansal PS- I am ready to share whatever information /paper I have with anyone at any time.

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