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Our Team

Our Team

Mr. Ram Kishore Upadhyay

A well known person for his logical and analytical approach towards the issues, be it the official or organizational. He has been actively involved in the struggle of Group "B' Officer for their rights and has been instrumental in many other activities of organization. Having good command over language he had edited PROP (magazine of IRPOF).He has played a key role in setting the Benevolent Fund right and getting in registered. He has occupied important posts in NRPOA right from Treasurer, Joint General Secretary and President (till recently), besides Secretary in IRPOF. He is playing a big role in increasing the share of group "B' officers in IRAS and has been successful in persuading honorable F.C to recommend in 2008 for Increase in Jr. Scale for group "B' Accounts Officer from 118 to 180 and also for One time special induction for Group "B" Accounts Officer with 12 years service.

All crises even risking his own career, the initiative taken by Mr. Ram Kishore Upadhyay for Accounts Officers has stirred the conscience of Group B Accounts Officers, which ultimately compelled the IRPOF, to take up the issue with Railway Board. He is still with us with same zeal to contribute more in this web site for welfare of entire Group B fraternity.

Mr. Y.S.Chaudhary

A Civil Engineer, known for his intelligence and quick wit , Mr. Chaudhary is an energetic person with great fighting spirit. Fearless not in speech, but in action also for the common cause with stalwarts like Mr.K.Hasan and Sh. S.K.Bansal. He took up a challenge for fighting for the cause of promotee Civil engineers of railways, realizing that their representative organization was not only harming them, but was calling them names. He has stood with firm conviction and filed three court cases despite displeasure of many and dispelling the fear of transfer , one for 238 additional vacancies in Group A /Jr.Scale Cadre for induction form Group B and for ante-dating induction in Group A for the delay in DPC by railways. Sensing his organizing capacity, Promotee Civil Engineers of railways have stood behind him solidly and doled out the money required for the cause without any question. True to his reputation of honesty, he is posting regularly the details of expenditure to the members. Buoyed by the success, S&T Officers are also seeking his help in Court case for ante-dating induction in Group A for the delay in DPC, being the worst affected by such delays to which he has not disappointed them too. He is encouraging other officers to come forward for their cause. Presently , he is holding the post of Jt. General Secretary/NRPOA, besides General Secretary / Civil Engineers' Association and his support to this web site is handy. We hope to see his acumen here also in tremendous way. We hope that this website shall be first one to publish his success story about pending Court cases, which we expecting in the very beginning of the New Year2010.

Mr. Paramjit Kumar

An officer having reputation of managing the biggest station of Delhi Area i.e. New Delhi station for longest period in different capacity. He is man of sacrificing nature for others and staunch supporter of fight against injustice to Group 'B' officers of railways. Despite not holding any post in any organization, his heart bleeds to see the plight of Group B officers of Railways and like Lord Buddha wants to do every possible thing that may bring happiness in the eyes of Group B officers, which ardent critics also envy. He has a keen desire to extend his kind support to this web site a step further in the direction of well being of Group B officers. We look forward.

Mr. Alok Chaturvedi

The man of repute for his sharp edged knowledge of rules, intelligence and industrious nature has played a pivotal role in struggle for the cause of Group B officers of Railways in the last many years and imprints left by him as general Secretary/NRPOA, General Secretary /Benevolent Fund and Secretary in IRPOF shall not be washed away from the lovers of Association and Federation. He , in his long battle, against injustice to Group 'B' officers, with stalwarts like Mr.K.Hasan and Sh. S.K.Bansal, always came a great support in charting the demands, making presentations before Pay Commission and publishing books. News paper allowance to Jr.Scale and Sr.Scale Officers can be solely credited to him. Now he is big support to this web site, which shows that spirit to fight for group "B" officers has not died, rather it has ignited with grat intensity. We will see his contribution in a big way.


Ex-Secretary General/IRPOF is having a reputation of bringing many good things in the career of Group 'B' during his eventful tenure of 14 long years,which can be envied. He earned a reputation of great negotiator in IRPOF, which even his bitter critics admire. He has been instrumental in charting the course of struggle for the cause of Group B officers of Railways in the last many years, which can not be erased easily in the time to come despite best efforts. He, being the contemporary to Mr. S.K.Bansal, has too always been struggler since beginning and man of organization from the very core of the heart. He still advises many, people and organizations. Grant of scale of Rs.2375-3500 to all Group "B" and scale of Rs.8000-13500 to 80% Group 'B' officers are few notable achievements of his tenure. His desire to extend his kind support to this web site shows his deep sense of devotion to the cause of group "B" officers even after his retirement and his contribution here shall be an asset.

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